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Selling on eBay a good way to earn extra residual income

Selling on eBay a good way to earn extra residual income

Best tips for How to Sell Your Items on EBay

Selling on eBay can be a good way to turn your spare items into cash, take the time and trouble to list them, maximize the results with a little bit of knowledge.

Click on Sell Your Item and fill out form making sure you follow these steps. At site

Take a picture of the item, if using a digital camera; load it on your computer. Crop large pictures and zero in on the item, rotate picture so it is showing the correct way. How many times have you seen pictures “sideways”?

Title — descriptive titles work best. ‘Rare figurine’ will not generate clicks. Be very careful with the use of the word rare or hard to find. It’s not rare, just because your nearby store is sold out.

Category — search on eBay for similar items to find most popular category for that particular item. If you have a cross-collectibles –e.g. Disney Cookie Jar, it might be worth listing in two different categories. But since that can really add to the listing costs, only do that if item is worth it.

Description – tell all you can about the condition and history of item without exaggerating. Mention any special conditions of the sale, such as no overseas shipments, no personal checks accepted. Be accurate about any blemishes or problems.

Picture URL — load the picture to your auction. The first picture is free and many times you only need to show one picture. If you want to show multiple pictures it will cost more money, unless you use your website or web space to store the pictures. In that case you will need to use HTML in the description block that leads to the image source.

The Gallery — optional costs for an additional picture might be worth a try on higher valued items. Think about whether most folks would use the Gallery to find this type of collectible or they would just search the categories.

Boldface Title — another optional cost, but it does make title stand out, only consider it for higher priced item.

Item Location — could make a difference when shipping large items.

Payment Method — list all methods you will accept, e.g. checks, money orders, Paypal, Bidpay or charge cards.

Shipping — will you ship worldwide or just in your own country.

Minimum bid — put your starting price here, making it reasonable, but remember unless you set a reserve on it, this might be all it sells for.

Duration — An item that is hard to find does better if it stays on eBay a little longer. eBay charges more for ten day auctions — make sure the item is worth it. If it’s a very popular item, I don’t think length of time matters much, as long as part of the time is a weekend.

Reserve Price — eBay charges extras for reserve prices, make sure your item is worth it. If it’s not very expensive, just list it at the minimum you will take for it and forget about reserves.

Buy it now is another eBay option. If you have a firm price and are willing to sell it immediately, use the Buy It Now option. Buyers can then either take a chance by bidding on an item, or pay a little more and make sure they get it.

Tips to sell on eBay:

EBay fees can quickly add up, remember the listing fees are only that, after the item sells — more fees are incurred.

Be careful and use only the optional that you feel are necessary.

Always include insurance as part of the shipping costs; a lost shipment will cost the seller not the buyer.

Be sure to keep the buyers informed on the status of their order, when payment is received and when item is shipped.

Be honest with your buyers, one sale is not worth ruining a reputation, the Internet has made it a very small world.

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