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Fire insurance

Fire InsuranceFire insurance is a necessary part of business insurance.

Fire can destroy the business by causing a loss of revenue and facilities.

Fire Insurance

A fire at a business can devastate a business. The structure may be damaged beyond repair. Business revenues are disrupted as the business cannot remain open.

Description of fire insurance, what a fire insurance policy contains and what policyholders should do when seeking policy benefits the typical homeowner’s policy covers damage due to wind, fire and lightning. So if your home has been completely destroyed by a fire or if the roof has been burned, your insurance company will pay to have your home rebuilt or to have the roof replaced. It will also pay if flames and smoke have damaged any other part of your home.

Most property insurance policies and business owner policies cover fire losses. Most business property insurance policies are broad form policies

Insure Your Business against Fire Damage

However, fire insurance can be purchased as a specific peril policy or the coverage increased by a specific endorsement. It is important for the business owner to understand what is not covered under a traditional broad form policy and ways to increase coverage

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